Salwa TAZI

Salwa TAZI


A native of the rural city of Sefrou, Salwa Tazi grew up in the capital city, Rabat, and then lived in many countries: Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Tunisia, France, and Canada. As you may have guessed, she is a diplomat's daughter. But her father, Abdelhadi Tazi, was above all a great historian and academician. He deeply influenced his daughter's journey: "My father, my hero, was a living encyclopedia. We drank his words!” says Salwa Tazi who always loved to write poems, chronicles but also books. 
Her greatest writing experience, narrated in “Diary of a Mourning Mother”, published by “Le Fennec” in 2015, is linked to the drama of her life, the loss of her child. She explains in this book her journey, "path of reconstruction and resilience. For me, it was either write or die of grief. I was suffering too much, I had to get rid of this misfortune in one way or another”, she says. This book touched the general public and offered relief to people who had experienced the same tragedy: "My experience alleviates many people who are mourning or suffering. The book strengthens and comforts. It allows us to make peace with suffering because it is often at this price that the body opens up to spirituality. ", says Salwa.



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