Make-up artist

A native of Oujda, Samia Yakbah moved to Casablanca after a year of training as a make-up artist in Paris: "I was already very tired of this universe, of lipsticks, eye liners, eyeshadows and the like. I was still waiting for my older sister to be away from home to use all her gear!”, remembers Samia who talks at length about cosmetics, but also on her native village, Tafoughalt, where "the three religions coexisted in total harmony". In 1991, she joined the second TV channel, a young private television, as chief makeup artist: "During my career at 2M TV, I was a make-up artist for two governments!"”, she says humorously. Samia Yakbah then multiplied collaborations with various magazines and also exercised her talent in the world of movies, notably alongside director Farida Belyazid."Becoming a professional makeup artist was a dream; A dream that has become a passion. I sacrificed my life for my career”, says Samia Yakbah. She adds that she has never experienced marriage or motherhood, but she says, "I am a happy and fulfilled woman. My nephews are my reason for living". This is a proof that there is no need to be married or mother to be an accomplished woman!


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