"Today my only goal is to win the battle against cancer. I try to keep inside of me the prospect of healing that is at the end of the tunnel”, says Samira El Fazazi. The weather anchor of the first Moroccan TV channel “Al Aoula'” has been fighting cancer since 2012. Forced to interrupt her activity, she had to undergo repeated surgery, chemotherapy sessions and the heavy consequences of the treatment. Samira El Fazazi has discovered a great inner strength and evokes her disease with dignity: "To fight cancer, one needs to have nerves of steel. As a public figure, she decided early on to talk about it in the media: "I wanted to break a taboo. To cope, one must de-dramatize and say that life continues during treatment. It is often thought that cancer leads to death but many people are doing well! To face this ordeal, Samira was surrounded by her husband, her two daughters, Lina and Aya, her family and friends: "At first they were in a total state of shock. I minimized the disease to protect them. They no longer see me as a sick person”. While smiling, she says that “Faith was essential”. Samira El Fazazi grew up in the city of Nador. Her father, a civil servant in charge of law enforcement imagined her to be a future doctor. Samira made dreams in which she was wearing a lawyer’s robe. She studied law in Rabat but was irresistibly attracted by the media world. She joined the editorial team of the Arabic language news on the first TV channel before becoming "Mrs. weather." Arcus, cirrus, asperatus: after getting some training at the National Meteorological Center, the clouds had no secrets any longer for her. "It's an exciting profession that I look forward to resume within a great team", she concludes.


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