Samira Sitail

Samira Sitail


She is a resolute woman who faces adversity and fears no debate. What matters to her is the expression of plurality within the media and the truth. "The day I leave 2M, I want to have the satisfaction of having done a good job and managed to train a generation of journalists”, insists Samira Sitail. The deputy director general of information and magazines of the second Moroccan TV channel is a woman of principles. This is the legacy of an education that is both respectful of tradition and open to the world, transmitted in particular by a model father who left Morocco for France in the 1950s in search of a better life. Principles that have also been strengthened through contact with her mentors whom she loves to pay tribute to : " My life was a series of beautiful encounters. First of all, the one with Hubert Machtou, advisor to the French Prime Minister, to whom I owe my decision to become a journalist. Then the one with Nour-Eddine Saïl, then director of programs at the RTM Moroccan broadcasting corporation, who knew how to advise me. It is him who appointed me as information director in 2001, one year after his arrival at 2M. There are also the encounters with Nadir Yata, editor-in-chief of the “Al Bayane” daily and left-wing politician who died prematurely, and with Nadia Bradley, brilliant journalist and pro-Palestinian activist”. From her first internships at the TF1 or Canal Plus French TV channels to her current high-ranking functions, information has no secrets for Samira Sitail . But if asked about the events that marked her, Samira Sitail recalls May 20, 1990, the date of the death of her nineteen-year-old sister, and on August 7, 1994, the day of her brother's death : " Something in me has become extinct. . I worry about life differently. But my faith helps me hold on”, says Samira. Nonetheless, although tragedies did not spare Samira Sitail, they made her stronger. Her marriage and the birth of Ines and Othman gave a new dimension to her life : " My children are everything to me. "


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