Meeting the challenge of combining Moroccan style and contemporary design, this is the challenge faced by Sophia Chraïbi Giorgi as a young furniture designer, interior designer and also own creator of her designs. The traditional Moroccan living room made of solid wood is not necessarily very practical, especially if someone plans to move to another to another location at a later stage. For some people, it is no longer adapted to their modern way of life”, says the persons who has therefore reinvented The Moroccan the living room. Thanks to this, this traditional element becomes modular and available as a kit. A new concept is born: a set of furniture that is resolutely contemporary, easy to use and to live in. The creator defines herself as a pragmatic ecodesigner: "I am very sensitive to the environmental cause. This is the essence of my approach since 2011”, she says. More than just a posture, a reality. She uses as material of choice a material derived from the recycling of industrial waste from sawmills. The designer draws her models, realizes them herself, and then presents them in art and design galleries, in order to master the process as a whole. Her creations, fully customizable, are becoming known to the general public, as is the case of Kube stool, the Miswane chair, or the Diogenes library seat. Minimalist but undeniably functional furniture.


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