Officer in charge of cultural activities

With Tanya, one can talk about international museums, artistic currents, conservation of works, and enrichment of collections. Being totally moved by ethical values and being an activist, this is how we could define Tania Chorfi who is currently in charge of exhibitions, educational lectures and workshops at the "Villa des Arts" art center in Casablanca. Working for culture, safeguarding the cultural and historical heritage, and supporting artists: these are the goals that Tania sets for herself. A busy professional life that did not prevent her from listening to her two daughters. Belonging to a nationalist family of the Moroccan upper bourgeoisie, she discovered art alongside her father, a music lover: "From my father I inherited the taste for beauty and elegance; from my mother, the pragmatic, valiant and positive side”, confides Tania Chorfi. Her parents transmitted to their five children values that will be the foundation of their life: authenticity, humility and importance of knowledge. Being curious about the world, Tania Chorfi chose to study sociology. After a Masters in sociology of art and works of culture, she got a post-graduate degree in organizational sociology, at the university of Toulouse, then began a PhD at the Paris-Jussieu university. In 1989, she worked for some time at the Institute of the Arab World where she held a lecturer position. During the summer holidays, she met her future husband. In 1990, having returned to Morocco, she joined the ONA Foundation where, for twenty-six years, she assumed different responsibilities. She is also a member of the International Council of Museums, which she chaired for six years. Two events marked her career. In 2008, art sponsor Valérie Barkowski, seduced by the commitment of Tania Chorfi, made a significant donation of works from all over the world to the foundation for which she works. In 2009, particularly sensitive to the patrimonial dimension of cities, Tania Chorfi initiated with the French Institute and the Casablanca Head Governor's Office (the "Wilaya") the first edition of the Heritage Days which allowed for the restoration of several monuments. 


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