"My parents gave me lots of love, confidence and freedom. My strength today comes from their commitment 
and from that passion they had for their work. They have devoted their lives to art and I do not feel entitled to give up all this to oblivion”, confided videographer Touda Bouanani, daughter of the filmmaker and writer Ahmed Bouanani and of decorator and costume designer Naïma Saoudi. Among the Bouanani family, art is second nature. Touda Bouanani had a happy childhood, enrolled at the Saint-Gabriel school in Rabat "held by Sisters full of sweetness". She continued her studies at the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux and liked living in this town in the South-West of France: "I wanted to be in a place where it was possible to live freely”, she says. Naïma became a videographer. In 2003, her young sister died tragically in an accident. Three years later, a fire damaged the family apartment as well as many documents. In 2011, her father died: "It was at that moment that I decided to return to Morocco and come to live with my mother who had found herself alone. In December 2012, while working on Jilali Ferhati's “Pillow Secrets” film, her mother suddenly felt bad and died on December 28, 2012. "In the apartment, thousands of sheets and documents pile up. Tirelessly, she sorts, classifies, puts in order, and exhumes from oblivion, silence, and secrecy: "This work aiming at preserving memory is my strength and my weakness”, says Touda: Her strength because this work keeps her parents alive through their works, and her weakness, because with such work Touda Bouanani is continually confronted with the precocious and painful loss of her family and their absence. Her daughter is now a luminous anchor to life. The work of the artist is now shared between her own creations, exhibited in New York, Rabat or Brussels, and the work of recognition of her father through projections, presentations, publications and exhibitions.


100 Femmes

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