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Touraya Jaïdi is a professional of the world of NGOs and of the world of solidarity. In 1988, she became involved in the fight against one of the most serious public health scourges, namely tuberculosis, and founded the Moroccan Tuberculosis Association, which she chaired afterwards. She was involved in the creation of the Ikram Food aid Association and then in 1995 in the creation of the Food Bank. A year later, Touraya Jaïdi created the Moroccan Association for Assistance to Children in a Disadvantaged Situation, which offers support to the children of single mothers or of divorced or absent parents. "In order to live well together, the only value that counts is solidarity. I dream that none of our neighborhoods will exclude our children”, she says. She founded her first center in Salé, in the Karya district, and a second one in Rabat, in the Youssoufia district. After that, a series of achievements took place one after the other: the National Circus School of Salé, the House of the New Beginning (a detoxification center in Aïn Atiq where people practice riding therapy), the center of Hay Inbiaât, and that of Sidi Moumen, “Shemsy”. Combating child labor and school drop-out, these are missions that are at the heart of Touraya Jaïdi’s concerns. Hundreds of children benefit from the various programs: training in the circus professions, of course, but also in the equestrian or culinary arts. Not to mention non-formal education that is very important. In 2006, Touraya Jaïdi co-founded "Karacena", the biennal festival for circus and travel arts of the city of Salé, of which she is the president.


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