Yasmine CHAMI

Yasmine CHAMI

Teacher - Writer

"Novels are a powerful form in which the language is reshaped, a place where the imagination unfolds, an intellectual construction that must generate emotion," explains Yasmine Chami. Right from her first novel “Ceremony” which evokes the fate of three women, a novel published in 1999 at “Actes Sud” publishers, Yasmine drew the attention of literary critique. On September 10, 2001, her twins were born in New York. She knots with them a close bond: "They have transformed the way I look at the world and my relationship with the family”, says Yasmine Chami who then stopped writing: "Maternity is a powerful adventure that I wanted to live to the fullest. I chose to raise my children first. There is always tension between life and writing. When her children grew up she went back to writing: "This allows me to know who I am”, says Yasmine. Her latest novel “Dying is an enchantment” published at “Actes Sud”, tells of the slow maturity of an individual, "a young woman aged forty suffering from uterus cancer." Being an anthropologist by training, attentive to social movements in Morocco, the writer has also produced, via her production company Gaia, television programs in the Moroccan language ("Darija") attracting a strong audience. Yasmine Chami, was born within a family of intellectuals, in Casablanca, the "city of her life, personal building and maturity". "Fez and Rabat are my beloved cities because they are linked to my grandparents who have given me the pride of being what I am, with a strong anchoring in my country and openness to others”, says Yasmine who currently teaches philosophy and literature: "Teaching, sharing and transmitting are a great joy," she concludes. 


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