Museum Curator

Since 2002, Zhor Rehihil has been curator of the Moroccan Judaism Museum. She is the only Muslim woman to take care of such an entity and the first Muslim expert of the "Moroccan Judaica". Alumnus of the National Institute of Archeology and Heritage Sciences, Zhor is graduated in anthropology. She also earned a degree in specialized studies at the Higher Institute of Journalism in Rabat, in the audiovisual journalism section, before joining the Ministry of Culture. Passionate about Judaism and everything that is related to it, she resolutely chose for her two end-of-studies dissertations some related subjects: "The hilloulah of Ben-Ahmed" and "The cult of the Jewish Saints of Casablanca ". One meeting decided the course of her life: that with Simon Lévy, then professor at the School of Arts and Humanities in Rabat. It is Simon levy who proposed to her to be part of the team of the museum right upon its opening in 1997, first as project manager within the Foundation of the Jewish-Moroccan Cultural Heritage and then as a curator. "Simon Lévy was my mentor. He was the one who opened my eyes to the history of Morocco and to its Jewish component”, explains Zhor Rehihil, who is proud of the museum but also proud of Morocco, the only Arab country to restore Jewish synagogues and cemeteries as well as the only Arab country to have an important Jewish community, which is a testimony to the pluralistic identity of the country.


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