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Zhor Farès, known as Zhor Raïs, is one of the fashion designers who best embodies the refinement of the caftan (a sophisticated clothe worn by Moroccan women). Zhor makes unique pieces for women. Inspiration comes from her meeting with the person who crossed the threshold of her haute couture house, opened in May 2011 in Casablanca. "Every client is the source of creation. I watch my client’s complexion, the color of her hair and eyes, and her way of being and moving. I pay attention to her personality. Some will be comfortable in clothes that stick to the body, others will prefer a more classic cut. Every woman is unique”, says Nadia, who grew up in the midst of dolls she loved to dress up, and when she was a very young girl, she already crafted silhouettes from her imagination. But when she was a young girl, fashion design did not exist in Morocco when she chose to study Fine Arts. Though she likes sculpture and painting, it is the needle and the pencil she wants to handle. She enrolled with “Madame Inès” school, a renowned sewing school. With her diploma in her pocket, she designed her first caftans. Very soon, she opened a workshop in the Maârif then in the Oasis districts in Casablanca. She represented Morocco in fashion shows in Jeddah, Amsterdam, Paris, The Hague, Berlin, Muscat and other cities. 
In 2006, she created her association “De Fil en aiguilles”, to promote Moroccan artisans. In 2015, she signed the "Abaya" collection under the theme of ‘Soft watches’ that was so dear to painter Salvador Dalí, as part of an exhibition of her works in Jeddah. Nonetheless, her proudest achievement remains the one achieved by her daughters, Houda, Chadia and Aïda, all three driven by the same love for fashion. Under the benevolent eye of their mother, they now operate within the workshop and contribute to the expansion the collections of the Zhor Raïs house. 


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