Born in 1967 in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco, Khalil Nemmaoui discovered at a very early age photography and the magic of the traditional film development process. At the age of twelve he already made pinhole cameras to capture light. After scientific studies in Morocco and abroad, Khalil decided to devote himself exclusively to photography. He worked for magazines that emerged in the early 1990s and presented a first personal work at the French Institute of Casablanca in 1996, a work called "Casablanca: Fragments of an imaginary world". Khalil Nemmaoui then dedicated himself to photography before returning to landscapes. His iconic series is entitled "The Tree House".


Born in 1973 in Casablanca, Deborah Benzaquen grew up between Paris and her hometown. Looking for some artistic expression that would enable her to combine her multiple talents and extreme sensitivity, Deborah chose initially the path of fashion styling and theater, while making her first steps in photography. It is in New York where Deborah fully dedicated herself to this art as assistant to two major photographers and got trained to the discipline of silver print. Her first exhibition was held at the Bombora Gallery in Chelsea, in 2002, where she presented "Casablanca Stories ", first series in black and white.


Luca Coassin was born in 1967. He grew up in a small mountainous village in Northeast Italy. Growing up surrounded by nature and the paintings of his father, Luca Coassin dedicated himself to painting since childhood and began to photograph even before having learned to write his name. He was fortunate to have rubbed shoulders with the great masters of the world of image during his university studies, including masters such as Giuseppe Rotunno, Fellini’s director of photography. For twenty-six years as a cinematographer in the film, he travelled around the world in search of absolute beauty. He spends his time taking photographs to support his passion: photographs of people, and photographs of humanity.


Born in 1977 in Moscow, Zoulikha Bouabdellah, a visual artist, grew up in Algiers and travelled to France in 1993. Graduated from the Paris-Cergy National School of Arts in 2002, she now lives and works in Casablanca. Her work deals with the consequences of the rapprochement of cultures and of globalization. Her works question the dominant representations with humor and subversion. In 2003, she made the “Let’s dance” video in which she merges the archetypes of French and Algerian cultures by performing a belly dance to the tune of "The Marseillaise”, the French national anthem. Since 2007, Zoulikha Bouabdellah has shown particular interest for the status of women.

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