"My definition of happiness? A good movie !" , replies Aisha Akalay mischievously, who came to journalism by her immoderate love for cinema:" I used to give a new life to movies through my pen ". The juvenile face of the publication director and editor-in-chief of the ”TelQuel” weekly magazine may surprise her interlocutors but Aïcha soon turns out to be a woman with an iron fist, a prerequisite for someone who wants to succeed in managing teams and maintaining the flame of journalism, even as the situation threatens the existence of some media. She is said to be demanding and severe. "I assume this fact !", replies the mother of a little girl named Yamna. Prior to her current position, Aïcha Akalay was able to propel the Magazine's website among the most prominent Moroccan information websites: "We worked as a start-up, with a small team." Based on this success in terms of readership, of which she can be proud in an ultra-competitive environment, she was invited in 2015 to take the reins of the print version of TelQuel magazine that had been suffering from the effects the digital revolution. "We merged the two editorial staffs, the print one and the web one, into one single editorial board of twenty people," she says. Aware of the growing importance of social networks, she decided to complete her training with a master's degree in digital journalism. The success of this press manager is also part of her journey. With a master's degree in Entrepreneurship, Aïcha Akalay began her career in 2009 in Casablanca, first at the “L'Économiste” daily and then at the “TelQuel” magazine. "During my first years of journalism, I learned to discover the country and people," she says. Her first major survey of Muslims converted to Christianity, carried out in 2010 with journalist Hassan Hamdani, earned her the Francophone Freedom of the Press Award presented by Radio France Internationale, Reporters Without Borders, and the International Organization of La Francophonie. 


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