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Amina Laraki refuses to be called an "extraordinary" woman: "I am a woman like the others. My strength consists in having adapted myself”, she says. . A powerful love for life allowed her to overcome the trauma of a bicycle accident. In 1992, a fall from a bridge in Costa Rica made her paraplegic. Today, one of her greatest victories is to embody the fight against disability and inequalities through her involvement with the AMH Group, formerly known as Moroccan Disabled People’s Association, a leader in social entrepreneurship in Morocco. In life, there are sometimes transformational ruptures, with a “before” and an “after” period. Before: a private and professional life where happy encounters helped Amina have a faultless track record. After getting a master's of law, and pursuing political science studies, Amina Laraki met Abdelaziz Alami, "an exceptional man, a bank boss and a poet" who offered her a position at the Commercial Bank of Morocco (BCM). Then Amina created “Imago”, a communications company where she implemented skills that proved useful after the accident because giving a meaning to her actions then became a necessity. Twenty-four years later, the AMH Group, a social enterprise with many beneficiaries, intervenes in the fields of health, social action, education, training and advocacy. The year 2015 is the year of awards, including the Schwab Foundation's Social Entrepreneur of the Year award. "Acting within the Group enabled me to foresee future social challenges and propose innovative solutions. Personally, this gave me the opportunity to overcome difficulties and connect to others. My body obliges me to live every moment”, says Amina Laraki who also created in 2003 with other founders, “The Art of Living”, an organization that offers programs focused on breathing and meditation techniques. Since 2013, Amina Laraki has been President of the Tahar Sebti Institution, a school and training institution. “Is the armchair a blocking factor? "I would have preferred to live without, but I made it an ally. However, disability is not what defines me. "


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