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Her latest book, “Let God sort ‘em out”, is the story of a serial killer. The writer and journalist Bahaa Trabelsi got inspiration from current themes, namely fear and crime, with vigor and courage. "And temerity”, insists the lucid-looking and outspoken woman who had already provoked the ire of the religious conservatives with her novel “Une Vie à trois”, published by Eddif publishers. 
"The fact that this story takes place in a Muslim country that condemns homosexuality has made of this novel a text that braved taboos. Some might think I'm fighting for a cause or I just want to tell stories”, says the author who made of freedom her leitmotiv which is reflected in her involvement in several nongovernmental organizations. “I fight for freedom of conscience, individual freedom and public liberties”, she says. Bahaa Trabelsi left Casablanca at the age of eighteen to continue her studies in France, where she remained for a decade. When she returned to Morocco, she held a job at the National Transport Board, which she left for writing, which was to become her main activity from that moment onwards: "As a child, I used to read almost without stopping. I was telling stories, creating characters. I was already writing in my head ... Literature has always been my life companion. And I really started writing in the early 1990s". Her son was born on August 15, 1992, "the most important date in my life ", she says. In 1996, she published “Une Femme tout simplement” (“A women, pure and simple”) by Éditions Eddif publishers, a book that she had started writing six years earlier. Journalist for the "culture and society" sections, she also was a manager of several media and production manager at the “Luxe Radio” radio channel. Bahaa Trabelsi is the author of four books, three novels (including “Slim, Women, Death” at Eddif publishers) and a collection of short stories, “Parlez-moi d'amour” (“Tell me about love”) published by “La Croisée des chemins” publishers, and for which she was awarded in 2014, the Ivoire Prize for Francophone African Literature.


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