Being an adviser to any member of the government means working tirelessly in the shadows. Not an obvious task for someone who has already experienced the spotlight. But for Hind Chahboun, an actress, fulfilling this mission with a Minister of Culture was an experience that could not be missed: "It had been more than a year that I worked in Lebanon for television. When I went to Morocco, a friend of mine asked me for my résumé. I then met with Minister Mohammed Amine Sbihi who asked me if I would be interested in joining his ministerial cabinet”, says Hind Chahboun. The task requires rigor and endurance, because of the steady rhythm, but this athlete does not lack energy. Karate, full-contact, motocross: she always likes to practice extreme sports. The challenges are: "The ministry was in the process of introducing a new cultural policy and the minister gave the sector a new breath. I was in charge of several matters: the establishment of the creative industries, the conservation and enhancement of tangible and intangible heritage, the development of a new grant mechanism based on calls for projects for publishing, theater , music, and the visual arts. Working alongside Mohammed Amine Sbihi was very enriching, he is a great gentleman”, says Hind. Being the only daughter of her parents, Hind Chahboun was born in Taza where she got her junior high school degree. She grew up with her mother and grandmother: "My grandmother's death on February 05, 2015, changed my life. (As is customary in the Muslim religion) I washed her body in the company of the washers. I still have not grieved”. Today, Hind Chahboun looks nostalgically at the theater years:" My career has taken a whole different turn but being on stage or in front of the camera is what excites me the most”, says Hind Chahboun who is very active and loves to travel and advertise Morocco and its culture worldwide. Although Hind did not get yet the role of which she dreams, she remains confident: "It will come! "


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