Cleaning Agent

Who has already visited the ABC movie theater, located on boulevard Mohammed V in the heart of the Art-Déco Casablanca downtown area, has inevitably met Najate El Allam, the janitor of this magnificent hall. She tells how, as a senior of her siblings, she had to take on the role of head of the family, despite an accident that handicapped her for life and forced her to drop out of school. Born in the city of Safi in a family of eight girls and a boy, she grew up in Casablanca. After working for twenty-five years in a clothing company, and after the bankruptcy of such company, she found a job at the ABC movie theater. Present at all screening sessions, her mission is to clean the toilets after each passing of the customers and to ensure the maintenance of the premises. Maintaining an irreproachable cleanliness is at the heart of her responsibilities. "During the screening of a movie, I move and position myself at the entrance of the restrooms. It is located right in front of the screening room. My job is very dear to me”, says Najate El Allam humorously, adding," I am very happy with my job. I love working and making a living. I want to stay independent no matter what. What a women!


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